Having stolen with pride from twitter and blogs for many years I decided in 2015 to start my own blog.  This coincided with my departure from the classroom after 12 years of working in London academies.  The highlight of this was a 7-year spell at Burlington Danes Academy, mostly as Assistant Principal.  You can read about this in a book I wrote with Dame Sally Coates.  I now work with United Learning supporting schools across the south of England.


I write about education because I want to contribute to the debate on how we can nurture exceptional schools in challenging communities.  There’s a great line in Atul Gawunde’s ‘Better’ in which he says “by offering your reflections to an audience, even a small one, you make yourself part of a larger world”. In the spirit of Gawunde, I write with a keen awareness of the limitations of my own experience, and the fact that no two schools are the same.  That said, I think we are getting better at distinguishing between useless fads and evidence-informed approaches that can make a difference in the lives of our children.

Comments and connections most welcome, either here or through twitter (@steveadcock81).

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