Over-Egging the Exam Pudding

I think exams are an essential element of any self-respecting education system, and the most important thing we can do for our young people is send them out into the world with a pocketful of decent grades.  But of course some schools take this too far.  For any younger readers, here are 6 signs that your school might be over-egging the exam pudding:

  1. The maths teachers you have in Key Stage 4 are different to the Maths teachers that your siblings have in Key Stage 3
  2. Lots of the more challenging students who were in your class in Y7 have since left, probably during Year 10
  3. You are expected to perform two grades higher in your coursework as in your exams
  4. Your knowledge of mark schemes is as good as your knowledge of subject content
  5. Exam bootcamps are funded, but you have to pay for other trips yourself
  6. You are licensed to drive a computer in Europe.


3 thoughts on “Over-Egging the Exam Pudding

  1. Quite. And it’s really worrying that we’re just preparing learners for short-term ‘fixes’ and not for a life of learning or love of their subjects. You could add, ‘English is taught according to question numbers, paper 1 q1,2,3,4, 5.. paper 2 1,2,3,4,5…, rather than with reference to the great concepts of the subject, or literary traditions.


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